What time is it? A Dulaya spa experience

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After the Wellness Summit held at Hua Hin last August, I checked in at Davies, a boutique hotel in Bangkok for the weekend before I flew back to Manila. I booked myself a detox package at the posh Dulaya spa within the Davies cottage complex. There was another spa up the hotel but it seems Dulaya was better.

Yes it was indeed with its spacious rooms, soothing and quiet ambiance, generous amenities and the therapist was good. My treatment started with a salt scrub, followed by a seaweed wrap after which I plunged to the  jacuzzi tub filled with rose petals and aroma scent to remove all the algae in my body after which I was given a most relaxing massage.

I encountered one problem though.When I was wrapped with seaweeds, I wanted to know the time so I tried asking the thai therapist.  I had to explain what time meant and even used the word clock to no avail. She couldnt understand what I was asking at all! I couldnt move my body to try to see the clock for I was tightly wrapped all over. I was so exasperated that she tried calling the receptionist to help her out. Only then did I know what time it was, after several minutes of irritatingly explaining what I needed.

The thai women are really good in spa treatments but sadly have much catching up to do in order to improve basic english knowledge.

originally written March 27, 2007

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