I still do not have the time to post the wealth of information which Dr. Dy Liacco shared with us during the Power of Natural Healing Seminar we organized early this month and held at Goodwill Bookstore.  However I just came across a write up he did late last year which he also discussed during his talk with us.  Let me share this with you.

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In 1997, the Philippines was blessed with the passage into law of the Traditional & Alternative Medicine Act of 1997, aptly called TAMA,  which established natural healing as a legal system of medicine side by side with pharmaceutical drug-based medicine.

Sen. JUAN FLAVIER, MD, MPH, former secretary of health and author of the Traditional and Alternative Medicine ACT (TAMA)

I am re-printing the law below:

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I was surprised to read the article from Dr. Mercola just now entitled Banned in Europe for Causing 83,000 Heart Attacks - Are You Taking it?

Apparently the diabetic drug Avandia resulted in the death of 1,352 people due to cardiac arrest.  The new England Journal of Medicine says:

 a meta-analysis of controlled clinical trials found increases in the risk of myocardial infarction and a near-significant increased risk of death from cardiovascular causes when rosiglitazone  (Avandia, Avandaryl, and Avandamet)
I believe I am blessed and prayed on a lot by my late parents because I learned natural healing therefore I do not take any form of drugs for my diabetes yet I am able to maintain an acceptable level of blood sugar. I use the protocol of Dr. Jaime Dy Liacco, therefore take only mineral supplements.

I have seen the ill effects of diabetic drugs on my late mother and vowed never to let that happen to me.

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During his talk on the Power of Natural Healing held at Goodwill Bldg last Oct 3, Dr. Jaime Dy-Liacco discussed the best natural cure for Dengue so far. He said that Tawa Tawa has been on news as the newest cure for this dreaded illness, however he performed muscle testing on some Papaya leaves and found this to be an effective cure for Dengue.

He pounded a few leaves of their papaya tree, bought empty capsules in a drug store and placed the pounded leaves inside.  He gave it to their gardener who contracted the disease and his platelet improved a lot and got well.  Later on he also dispensed this to his 2 yr old grandchild who also got afflicted with the illness with the same amazing result. He recovered and got well!

As an alternative, he also juiced the pounded papaya leaves and asked his patient to drink it.

After the seminar I tried to google about this and also found out from this article  that the juice of the papaya leaves were found to cure cancer in some people living in the Gold Coast area of Autralia. Fortunately, this tree is abundant in our country.

If only more people will be aware of how our abundant natural resource can cure various illness at the least cost, then they will no longer rely on the expensive drugs flooding the market.

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