She can make paralyzed people walk

Posted by Mary Anne Tolentino | 11:37 PM | 0 comments »

This morning when I woke up, I can hardly rise. I seem to have some twisted nerve which gave me an excruciating pain when moving.  Yesterday I knew I needed a back massage because of poor posture working on some stuff for days in front of the computer.

I panicked since I had to slide down my bed just to be able to  get up. I tried calling Gina Lee, a college classmate who lives in the same village and an expert accupuncturist.  She ran to me when my I came from the ER the other month due to a spiked blood pressure.  Since I couldnt reach her at once I tried texting another doctor schoolmate whose line is rehab but I guess he had patients and was not able to reply.

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