She can make paralyzed people walk

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This morning when I woke up, I can hardly rise. I seem to have some twisted nerve which gave me an excruciating pain when moving.  Yesterday I knew I needed a back massage because of poor posture working on some stuff for days in front of the computer.

I panicked since I had to slide down my bed just to be able to  get up. I tried calling Gina Lee, a college classmate who lives in the same village and an expert accupuncturist.  She ran to me when my I came from the ER the other month due to a spiked blood pressure.  Since I couldnt reach her at once I tried texting another doctor schoolmate whose line is rehab but I guess he had patients and was not able to reply.

I asked my helper to buy me some Feldene, a medication which I took several years back when I had a sprain. For quite awhile I try to stay out of drugs.  When my helper came back the drug store said they could not understand what I wrote. Perhaps it was a blessing because when I googled the medicine it said it may have side effects on the digestive tract and kidneys.

After I took a quick lunch (hard to really eat when you are in pain), I received a text from Gina that she is coming over to the house.

When Gina arrived, she started putting some needles on my head.  She told me that is her '911' solution.  She stayed till early evening and during those hours we talked about so many things including the many stroke patients and wheel-chair bound people she had helped to walk in just a months time.

Both Gina and I had a calling on natural healing. Gina's came earlier though. I realized mine after my dad passed away. Gina studied on her own and trained with the world's experts from Nanjing, China to the US and down under in Australia.  She chose to be hands on and treat people. I just studied so I can heal myself and recommend to other people who are all being victimized by drugs and some western medicine practices.

She is also a Reiki master and studied other modalities such as Dorn Theraphy, Tuina, Pranic healing and many others.  In Nanjing, she studied with a master who asked her to promise not to reveal his protocols till he passed away.  She specializes in the field of ortho so she was really able to make many wheel chair bound people walk.

However she warns that the patients must be willing to get well and throw away emotional issues which usually are the source of many illnesses.

She had a patient who she later discovered did not really want to walk because he is able to get what he wants when he is tied to the wheelchair.

On another occasion, she had a patient who did not want to talk at all. She then tried to find out what was wrong with him.  She worked on her needles for about two weeks then all of a sudden he spoke! Then he sang! Everyone in her clinic rushed to them due to amazement.  The patient's companion said he used to sing in the church choir. He sang happy birthday because it was Gina's natal day then. She cried with joy.  Later she found out, the problem was he really could not talk before. It was not because he didnt like to talk but he lost his voice.  She continued to treat him till he was  completely healed.

Some friends are prodding her to write a book. I encouraged her to and I think I will continue to prod her for she has much to share.

As I am writing this post, I can now freely move.  There is still some pinch when I turn the wrong way but she told me not to remove the needles till tomorrow afternoon when hopefully the pain will be gone.

I also hope to organize a Reiki class soon. We kept talking about it but some stuff always get in the way.  She combines the two Reiki classes into one day so that she can be assured that her students can really practice this healing method. 

Below is my photo with Gina Lee a day after my birthday.  She treated me then at the new Hap Chang branch inside our village in Paranaque.  For those who knew her in college, they will notice that her face has not changed much.  It is only the additional fats way below which may be different.  She might kill me for posting this photo but its done :)

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