Dr. Christine's 7 day Detox Menu

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I am re-posting the 7 day detox menu of Dr. Christine Gonzales which was first published in the column of Reggie Aspiras in Inquirer.

I used to see Dr Gonzales a long time ago when her clinic, Wellness Institute was located in Pasig.  However it was difficult to get an appointment then since her priority were Cancer patients, then she moved to Lourdes, France.

However, she came back to the Philippines and wrote a book last year. You can see the background in this news article on "A Cancer Doctor's Guide to Living".

Her new clinic is located in San Juan with the following contact nos:

+632 631 7794/ +632 726 5301

Seven-day detox menu

By Reggie Aspiras
Philippine Daily InquirerDateFirst Posted 22:05:00 02/18/2010

IT HAS BEEN A VERY SAD WEEK. I lost my sister Vicky to cancer.

My sister was taken at a young age. I hope that her passing and her struggle with the disease were not in vain.

So as my way of paying tribute to my Manang Vicky, I am publishing Dr. Christine Gonzalez’s seven-day detox menu.

For the longest time, I have been cooking with the desire to make people happy. However, with the growing number of people stricken with illnesses, it is vital that we all learn to cook and eat to stay healthy.

The diet is easy to follow and doesn’t make one feel too deprived. From what I gather from my conversations with Dr. Christine, she firmly believes that one can eat healthy without being too stringent. Too many limitations will just make a lifestyle change seem impossible for many of us and, because of it, we won’t even try. Baby steps are better for as long as they lead toward the path to wellness.

The Ox has passed the torch. I wish us all good health in the Year of the Tiger.

Day 1

Breakfast: ripe papaya with few drops of kalamansi or lemon juice / one boiled saba or one boiled sweet potato + 1 tsp almond butter

Lunch: 6 oz grilled organic or free-range chicken breast over spinach and mushroom salad, topped with 3 tbsp orange and olive oil dressing and 1 oz feta + cashew nuts; ½ c black or brown rice

Snack: 4-6 oz kefir with banana

Dinner: broccoli soup + veggie burger

Tip: Take 4-6 oz vegetable juice for snacks (carrot, cucumber, half an apple, greens).

Day 2

Breakfast: one to two slice(s) of ripe pineapple, 1 c homemade muesli

Lunch: one large whole-wheat pita filled with 1/3 c humus, shredded arugula, sliced tomatoes and black olives; one fruit

Snack: 1 oz raw or roasted almonds or cashew

Dinner: 4 oz grilled fish, steamed spinach with sesame seeds + black or brown rice

Tip: Make water and herbal teas (8+ glasses), your drink of choice, to process fiber.

Day 3

Breakfast: 1 c rolled oats with flax seeds, one to two slice(s) of ripe papaya with lemon

Lunch: medium-size fish cooked in natural vinegar + few slices of ripe pineapple (paksiw) + eggplant/pepper, ½ c black/brown

Snack: Immune Boost Veggie Juice (recipe has been previously published in “Kitchen Rescue”)

Dinner: 1 c vegetable pasta cooked with tomatoes + asparagus, frozen pineapple sherbet

Tip: Live bacteria in kefir is a sure immune booster.

Day 4

Breakfast: mixed fruits (pineapple, banana, cantaloupe), black rice congee with purple sweet potato cubes

Lunch: one mushroom or veggie burger on whole-grain bun with some slices of goat cheese, red onion rings, romaine lettuce, two tomato slices and 1 tbsp mustard + few pieces of almond/cashew nuts

Snack: one boiled sweet potato + one cup of yogurt

Dinner: one slice of thin-crust homemade pizza + asparagus, spinach, artichoke, moringa leaves, slices of ripe tomatoes, onions, almond or cashew nuts; one baked pear with cinnamon powder

Tip: Need an energy rush? Take veggie juice with 1-2 tbsp Hash Power Greens.

Day 5

Breakfast: omelette—one whole organic egg plus three egg whites with veggies; one serving of fruit

Lunch: 6 oz fish fillet or small whole fish brushed with mixture of 1 tbsp olive oil, Himalayan salt and 1 tbsp honey, broiled 10-15 minutes, served on arugula; roasted small red potatoes (6 oz before cooking); one slice ripe mango fruit

Snack: one mug of chai tea + skim milk, one slice Ezekiel bread (made from different sprouts)

Dinner: mung or black bean soup with sweet potato leaves or moringa leaves or spinach

Tip: Take Hash Power Greens or Hash Life Source for complete nutrition.

Day 6

Breakfast: two to three pieces of local sardines in olive oil/ one to two piece(s) malunggay pandesal or baked/boiled sweet potato; mixed fruits

Lunch: 6 oz skinless organic or free-range chicken breast simmered in 1 c marinara sauce with ½ chopped onion and fresh garlic; 1 c green beans steamed, add 2 tsp olive oil and chopped parsley; one mangosteen

Snack: one small bag sweet potato chips (cooked in oven, brushed with virgin coconut oil or raw honey); one cup of herbal tea

Dinner: steamed fish + ginger, green onions, garlic, sesame seeds, green tomatoes, fresh black pepper corn and green veggies (string beans, zucchini, green tomatoes) on the side

Tip: Less is more. Small frequent feedings plus healthy snacks are key to staying energetic.

Day 7

Breakfast: baked apple filled with ½ c nonfat yogurt, 2 tsp maple syrup, cinnamon, and 1 ½ tbsp walnuts

Lunch: lamb (remove fat) stew with potatoes, black beans and garbanzos; ½ c frozen yogurt

Snack: boiled saba + herbal tea

Dinner: oriental homemade meal of steamed broccoli, cauliflower, edamame (all you want) and ¾ c steamed Japanese tofu), 1 tbsp garlic + ginger sauce and ½ c steamed brown/black rice; fortune cookie (message: “You’ll look and feel great!”)

Tip: Create your own healthy menus by mixing and matching any of these meals. Other sauces: pesto, cilantro, onion/garlic and sun-dried tomato

Organic chicken breast or fish fillet cooked in curry

Add beans, peas and lentils to soups and salad.

Organic chicken or fish cabbage wrap

Greens cooked in coconut milk with turmeric

Add fruits to salads: orange, pomelo, mango, pear, pomegranate.

Important note

Basic juice: carrot and apple + sugar beets, celery, sweet potato leaves + spinach, dandelion

Add one ounce of cabbage juice to the carrot and green juice (heals the digestive system).

For blood building: malunggay and ampalaya + saluyot + sweet potato leaves

Citrus rinds are great liver cleansers. The bitter oils in citrus are big-time liver cleansers. It disinfects and creates more bile flow.

Sources: Hash Power Greens (call 8422550 / 5020828 / 0917-8236738)

Organic Vegetable Sources: My Personal Farm (0918-9143759 )or OPTA ( 4363615)

Kefir: 0917-8168749

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