A new cancer treatment that is free has virtually no side effects and can be used in conjunction with other cancer treatments. It involves starving cancer cells of the fuel they the love.

Solve Your Health Issues with a Ketogenic Diet

" Ketogenic diets are powerful tools, and they can be life changing. Shifting to a low carb, fat burning diet can help you reduce your high blood pressure, banish heartburn, get rid of joint pain, and stop pre-diabetes in its tracks. I used to have all those health conditions and worse, and I've reversed them all. You can too. On this website, you'll find information on how these diets work, the right way to "do" the diet, and the details on how you can increase your energy and improve your health simply by changing the way you eat. What is a ketogenic diet? Contrary to popular rhetoric, a ketogenic, low carb diet is NOT a high protein diet. It's a high fat diet, with a moderate protein and a very low carbohydrate intake. A typical ketogenic meal includes some sort of protein, a source of natural fats (either butter, cream sauce, olive oil, or coconut oil) and green leafy vegetables, such as in the picture at right. When you reduce the amount of carbohydrate and increase the fat and protein in your diet, it has the effect of switching your body into fat burning mode. Instead of using the easily exhausted sugar from carbohydrates for fuel, your body burns stored fat for energy, and it's this fat burning process which greatly improves health and well-being. In fact, a ketogenic, high fat, moderate protein diet can alleviate many serious health issues. Some medical researchers and physicians are using ketogenic, carb restricted diets to: Drive cancer into remission with new and effective cancer treatments. Improve epilepsy treatment outcomes by reducing, and in some cases, eliminating seizures. Help patients with Alzheimers disease regain memory and thought function. Give diabetics control over their blood sugar with more effective diabetes treatment plans. Eliminate gluten allergy symptoms and relieve the symptoms of other allergic conditions associated with autoimmune reactions. And many people, including myself, have discovered that a ketogenic diet is a very effective tool for regaining health, losing excess weight and building a muscular, healthy body"

What makes the ketogenic diet so effective? It all starts with a process called ketosis, and the effect that it has on each one of the trillions of cells in our bodies. In short, ketosis means more energy and cleaner fuel burning in our cells, which leads to better cell health, better organ health, and better health overall. But isn't a high fat diet unhealthy? Actually, a high fat diet is healthier for you, when it is eaten while carbohydrate consumption is kept low. A diet high in clean saturated fats and low in carbohydrates actually raises your HDL good cholesterol and lowers your triglycerides. These two factors are really the true measure of good heart health. More and more people are discovering the benefits of eating more fat, and reducing carbohydrate consumption. Literally thousands of people have gone on the Atkins diet, or the Protein Power diet, or some other higher fat, low carb diet and reaped the benefits. They have resolved nagging health issues (high blood sugar, hypertension, heartburn, joint pain, etc.), reversed serious disease processes, lost weight, felt better, and rarely felt hunger. 

Source:  Ketogenic Diet Resource 

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Once again, my alternative doctor will be speaking on curing the seemingly incurable diseases.  I received the following text invitation from him.

Please contact the secretariat to reserve your slots:

Do you want to  learn how to  cure cancer, diabetes, hyprtensiƶn, stroke paralysis, vision loss, dengue, gout, slipped disks, arthritis, psoriasis, gallstone problem & others naturally without  using pharmaceutical drugs? 

Come to PCAM  seminar :

Date:  Jan 19, 2013 

Time:  830am-5pm

Venue:  Gabaldon Rm, Club Filipino, Greenhils, Sn Juan. 

Speaker: Jaime E. Dy-Liacco, DMM. 

Reg.fee: p1100 member, p1200 non member

Lunch and  merienda included. 

Pls confirm ur attendance to the secretariat at 3815210 or 09178 333828.

Who is Dr. Jaime Dy Liacco? 

  • Doctor of Metabolic Medicine, Dr. William Donald Kelley’s College of Metabolic Medicine, Kansas, USA 
  • Consultant, Fuda Cancer Hospital, Guangzhou, China 
  • Lecturer on Dr. Kelley’s Enzyme Therapy for Cancer 
  •  PCAM Lifetime member, and member PCAM Board of Trustees, April 2002 up to present. 
  • Consultant, Fuda Cancer Hospital, Guangzhou, China, since October 2006. 
  • Acting Director General, Philippine Institute of Traditional & Alternative Health Care (PITACH), Department of Health, 2005-April 2006. 
  • Health Consultant for ANC television’s Natural Healing Series and PITACH’s Quest for Well-Being Series, 2003-2005. 
  • Lecturer on natural healing to doctors, nurses, residents in the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (DOH research hospital), Potenciano Medical Center, post-graduate medical course, East Avenue Medical Center, Veterans Regional Hospital, Nueva Vizcaya, to 100 cancer patients and 100 caregivers in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, to the Makati, Manila (Luneta), Pasig, San Juan Rotary Clubs, to the Management Association of the Philippines, the Philippine Stock Exchange, to the Pharmaceutical Executives Marketing Association, other business and civic groups, 2002-2008.

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