My Ayurveda teacher Fr Jacob Gnalian is holding the 1st International Ayurveda Convention and Expo next month with the theme “WELNESS FOR ALL”.

It will be held in UP Diliman on September 25 and 26.

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The Town of Allopath

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This is an interesting video which is a parody on modern medicine and the pharmaceutical companies.  I guess more and more people right now are realizing that natural healing may be the better option for a longer and healthier life.

This video was made by Mike Adams, the health ranger who was cured of Type 2 diabetes.  I hope one day I will be able to be fully cured myself as I am not taking any drugs for this ailment.

You can find the whole text of the video below.

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I had to borrow that title from Dr. Mercola's site which I regularly follow. Just like the Body Ecology Diet of Diana Gates which I previously posted, Dr. Mercola does not recommend a one size fits all diet.  Each person will respond differently to food depending on many factors such as genetics, biochemical makeup, family history, and your own interaction with your environment.

It is then imperative to know your metabolic or nutritional type is .  Whereas in the past the used to charge close to a hundred dollars for a mechanical test,  Dr. Mercola has now offered this for free.  Check out this link to take the test. He based this on the metabolic typing book and he calls this Nutritional typing.

You will then determine your nutrional type and be given a meal plan and other information related to your body type plus a bonus recipe e-book.

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The Body Ecology Diet

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I am not so much a fan of fad diets however I recently learned about the Body Ecology Diet (BED) by Donna Gates and tried to check it out.  Below is an introduction by Donna Gates herself. All that she mentions matches with the various information on natural healing and nutrition  I learned through the years.  I am particularly interested in this because all recommendations are sugar free and best for diabetics like me (who  refuses to take drugs).

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A cancer doctor's guide to living

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As previously posted,  I used to see Dr. Christine Gonzales before she moved to Lourdes France. I have not yet been to her new clinic in San Juan but  I saw her on TV last year promoting her book.  I hope one day I will be able to purchase this.  In the meantime I am re posting a helpful news article when she was interviewed by ABS CBN.

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Dr. Christine's 7 day Detox Menu

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I am re-posting the 7 day detox menu of Dr. Christine Gonzales which was first published in the column of Reggie Aspiras in Inquirer.

I used to see Dr Gonzales a long time ago when her clinic, Wellness Institute was located in Pasig.  However it was difficult to get an appointment then since her priority were Cancer patients, then she moved to Lourdes, France.

However, she came back to the Philippines and wrote a book last year. You can see the background in this news article on "A Cancer Doctor's Guide to Living".

Her new clinic is located in San Juan with the following contact nos:

+632 631 7794/ +632 726 5301

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