My Ayurveda teacher Fr Jacob Gnalian is holding the 1st International Ayurveda Convention and Expo next month with the theme “WELNESS FOR ALL”.

It will be held in UP Diliman on September 25 and 26.

The main objective of the convention is the promotion of Ayurveda and other alternative health care modalities to solve  health problems. The high cost and multiple side effects of conventional medical practices have given rise to the search for complementary treatments. Over the last five thousand years, Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of medicine, has continuously evolved to cure even so-called incurable illnesses through non-invasive natural sources. As practiced here in the Philippines at the Sandhi Ayurveda Clinic and Research Center, founded by the Missionaries of the East, Ayurveda has proven to be effective, safe and affordable in the Philippine environment with no reports of any adverse side effects or contra-indications.

This is organized to provide those interested in sustaining good health with the opportunity, knowledge and skills to help themselves and others towards inner peace and wellness.

For further inquiries please contact:
Rev. Dr. Jacob Gnalian at 0063-2- 717-2824 


 Plenary sessions and workshops in the air-conditioned hall.  
Day 1 –    A. Plenary I- 9am to 12. 45 pm   
8.00 to 9.00 – Registration, 

Topics:  Importance (necessity) of Alternative Medicine in the new Millennium.    Origin and Evolution of Ayurveda, Scientific Basis for Ayurveda, Home Remedies for Prevention and Cure (Lectures and team discussions)  
B. Work Shops (2.00 pm to 5 pm.)
Topics: 1. Preparation of Ayurvedic medicines, 2. Difference between Ayurveda and other alternative medicines. 3. Preparation of home remedies for common problems, viral infection –Chickenpox, Dengue, AH1 N1, 4. Prevention and treatment of cancer  
5. Practice of Yoga and benefits in healthcare
Day 2.    A. Plenary II- 9 am to 12. 45 pm
Topics: Different alternative healthcare in the Philippines
Safety, effectiveness, and affordability of Ayureda in Philippine environment. Healing Miracle of Ayurveda and Holistic Healing. Philosophy of Yoga and practice for holistic healing. How to maintain Wellness for a happy life 
               B. Workshop (2.00 to 5 pm)
Nutrition and Healthy food management, Cooking demo of Healthy food. Aqua pressure and aqua puncher for treatment, Practice of yoga, meditation and related topics for mental and spiritual healing. Naturopathy and healing.
Homeopathy and practice. How Ayurveda cures the so called incurable.
Special treatment for cancer and curative treatment for arthritis. 
The speakers:     
The plenary sessions will be addressed by eminent speakers, scientists and experts of the field. There will be time allocated for interaction with the speakers.
Delegates, Registration:  (Inform the area of interest for workshop as register)
Registration fee Php 3000. Those who register before August 30 can have 1 free membership in Ayurveda Learning Center (ALC)- Membership fee is Php 1000. The members of ALC will have 20% discount for all the seminars and conventions of ALC for 10 years. Those who register in the name of a group or company will have 1 free ticket for every 10. The students will have 33.3% discount if registered before August 30. Registration after August 30 shall be only if seats are available, but without privilege. Delegates will be given kits of valuable handouts. Delegates will be served with 2 snacks and lunch for both days. Students’ discounts up to Sept. 15, if seats are available.  
Foreign Delegates: Registration fee US$ 300 with accommodation and food for 3 days up to August 30. After August US$ 350 if seats are available.       
Visitors: for exhibit


 AYURVEDA- Science of Life- is an ancient Indian medical science aimed at the prevention and cure of illness, through the restoration and maintenance of the fundamental balance of the principles (Vata, Pitha, Kapha) in living beings as a whole - body, mind, and spirit. In other words empower the individual to attain and sustain balance within him/herself- body, mind and spirit through restoring harmony with Nature.

Key Principle of Ayurveda 

The principle of Ayurveda is based on the principle of Panchabuttas and Tridoshas. The root cause of sickness is imbalance of Doshas and accumulation of  Malas and Amam. While Conventional medical systems treat the symptoms, Ayurveda treats the root cause and gives lasting cure. It is beneficial to learn the how and why.     

Key Elements of Aurveda:

Preventive and Curative practices have evolved over 5000 years and include complex combinations of natural resources (preparations) which have neither adverse nor contraindicative effects.  With its "emphasis on sustaining health, as much as on curing illness", Ayurveda is very likely the most complete health system developed thus far for human illnesses.

Dr. A.P. J Abdul Kalam 
Hon. Former President of India says:  

“Health can be maintained and diseases can be prevented. Though technology is advancing, People are still falling sick. Health care costs keep on increasing, and there is no way to reduce that unless you introduce prevention. The best prevention is through Ayurveda, because it is a very comprehensive science system based on natural medicine, which is devoid of toxicity.”          

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