A few years ago I decided to start a blog on my learnings about natural wellness.  Unfortunately I failed to renew my domain  name so I moved some of the content here recently.

After my dad passed away in 2005 I started attending spa and wellness conferences locally and internationally.  I was prodded by a former schoolmate and close friend who wanted us to put up a business related to this.

We were never able to set it up but my eyes were opened to the world of natural cures.  I believe the Lord has led me to to this as I further tried learning more and more of how natural remedies can make us all lead a healthier and longer life.

I joined the annual Spa and Wellness conferences in Thailand and Germany,  then discovered the Power of Natural Healing annual symposiums in Manila. I then became a member of the Philippine College for Alternative Medicine. I am far from being a medical doctor but I benefitted from their various talks, seminars and workshops.

I have seen how my parents both suffered from the ills of modern medicine.  Had I known then, what I know now, perhaps I could have saved my mother and father but God has His reasons.

I became diabetic recently, a disease my mom and grandmother had.  I saw how my mom was dependent on many drugs including insulin which weakened her.  I saw how the doctos in a foreign hospital injected my dad with insulin when he is not really diabetic. His sugar rose because he had an attack. I dread the times they go into hypo gloecemia.

I follow the protocol of  Jaime Dy Liacco DMM, some naturopaths and doctors who do not prescribe drugs but I am able to maintain an acceptable sugar level.

I trained in the Pranic and Crystal Healing class of a former schoolmate and attended the Ayurveda class of Fr. Jakob.

All that I have learned and still learning, I am sharing in this blog.

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