I still do not have the time to post the wealth of information which Dr. Dy Liacco shared with us during the Power of Natural Healing Seminar we organized early this month and held at Goodwill Bookstore.  However I just came across a write up he did late last year which he also discussed during his talk with us.  Let me share this with you.

By Jimmy Dy-Liacco (The Philippine Star) Updated September 26, 2009 

Heal the world naturally: My mission is to spread the good news of natural healing to as many people as possible.

MANILA, Philippines - What prompted me to study natural healing was my getting prostate cancer in 1994.  Like everybody who gets cancer, I was terrified, but doubly so because my older brother died after 18 months of battling lung cancer, but his MD son says my brother did not die of cancer.  He died of kidney failure because the chemo destroyed his kidneys. 

Everyone who’s stricken with cancer is terrified because we all know that doctors don’t know how to cure cancer.  If they did, nobody would get terrified.  I felt I would be a fool to go down the same costly, painful, inutile road my brother took.

So I went to search for alternative options.  But I found there were so many it was very confusing.  There are the Gerson therapy, the Reishi mushrooms, the macrobiotic diet, maitake mushrooms, Essiac Tea, etc.  A 17,000 stage 4 cancer study in California found the five-year survival rate for cancer was only six percent.  The Gerson therapy was found to be six times better at 36 percent.  But that was not good enough for me.  What if I belonged to the 64 percent?

Pancreatic Enzyme Therapy

So I kept searching until I found Dr. William Donald Kelley, who had 1.5 months terminal pancreatic cancer, researched the medical literature and found the scientific basis for the pancreatic enzyme therapy, which he developed to cure himself in 18 months. He survived for the next 43 years until he died of congestive heart failure at 80 in January 2005. In the 43 years that he lived, Dr. Kelley cured more than 33,000 terminal patients of all kinds of cancer with the same pancreatic enzyme therapy.

In 1980, Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital, the top cancer hospital in the US East Coast, sent a doctor to Kelley’s clinic to study his cases with a mandate to submit a report after a month saying that Kelley was a No. 1 quack.

But the doctor, Nicholas Gonzalez, found thousands of documented cases, which took him five years to study. He returned to New York in 1986 and submitted a 301-page report that if people followed Kelley’s protocol strictly, the cure rate for pancreatic cancer was 100 percent, and for all other cancers, 97 percent.

So the Kelley protocol was what I followed, and cured my cancer in six months without surgery, chemo, radiation.  Kelley found cancer was just a nutritional deficiency of the pancreatic digestive enzymes and the vitamins and minerals that make for a strong immune system which, however, cannot kill the cancer cells unless its outer protective animal protein coating was first digested by the pancreatic enzymes.

My getting cancer and being cured of it naturally was what got me interested in natural healing, no longer just for cancer but for all diseases. 

Healing Cancer Naturally

Natural healing has become popular in the modern world because of the fact that it heals faster, better, and cheaper than synthetic pharmaceutical drugs, without the side effects that all drugs have.  For the Philippines, this is of paramount importance.

In 1997, the Philippines was blessed with the passage into law of the Traditional & Alternative Medicine Act of 1997, which established natural healing as a legal system of medicine side by side with pharmaceutical drug-based medicine.  The preamble of the law says it is the policy of the state to accelerate the development of traditional and alternative health care and to integrate it into the national health care delivery system.

This law was passed because 70 percent of our people do not get adequate health care for three reasons: 1) We don’t have enough doctors and the supply is dwindling because we are losing doctors to the United States and to the nursing profession, 2) Most doctors prefer to practice in urban areas, and 3) Drugs, medical procedures, and hospitalizations are priced way above what people can afford.

The message I would like to send out to my countrymen is that natural healing with food and food supplements heals faster and better than synthetic drugs, without the side effects of synthetic drugs. 

I’d like to tell them how raw pork pancreas and raw beef liver with coffee enemas and food supplements that clear up the arteries of blockages, clear up the body of toxins, and a 100-percent raw foods diet (which I call the Adam & Eve Diet) have cured terminal cancer patients of leukemia, brain cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer in two to seven months. How a scan by an oncologist in a top-rated hospital found a pancreatic cancer patient’s 7.8-cm. tumor shrinking to 4 cm. in just 1.5 months with raw pork pancreas and liver. And how the oncologist told the patient to continue taking the pancreas and liver and she won’t need any chemo anymore. I’d like to tell them how the cost of this natural treatment for cancer has ranged from P2,000 to P25,000 a month.

Raw Pork Pancreas and Raw Beef Liver

I’d like to tell them how three glasses of water, half a teaspoon of rock salt, one saba banana, and siling labuyo took out a hypertensive patient’s crushing headache and brought down her blood pressure from 240/140 to 115/75 in five minutes. And how it has done the same for other hypertensive patients.

I’d like to tell them how three people scheduled for leg amputation for diabetic gangrene got the gangrene cured, the very high blood sugar normalized, and the amputation cancelled in one week with the use of six mineral food supplements, raw pork pancreas which are very rich in natural insulin, raw garlic plastered over the wound to kill any infection, and 6,000 mg. of vitamin C daily to accelerate the healing of the wound, all at a cost of only P1,300 for that one week.

There are many more things I’d like to tell them, which is why I am happy to accept invitations to give natural healing lectures for free.

My mission is to spread the good news of natural healing to as many people as possible, and I am doing this together with the Philippine College for the Advancement in Medicine (PCAM), a non-profit foundation founded in 1995 by seven medical doctors who have been practicing alternative medicine since the 1980s. 

PCAM now has hundreds of members throughout the country.  It holds monthly seminars on various alternative therapies, and a national convention every November on the power of natural healing.  November has been proclaimed by the President as the month of traditional and alternative health care since 2004. 

PCAM is the local counterpart of the American College for the Advancement in Medicine (ACAM), which now has thousands of MD members practicing alternative medicine in the US.  This year, PCAM’s convention will be held on November 9-17 at the Club Filipino. All are welcome, members and non-members alike. Pre-registration can be done by calling the PCAM secretariat at 381-5210 or 0917-833-3828.

Times are changing as the world rediscovers the power of natural healing.  In the United States, 125 medical schools, including Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Georgetown, and Johns Hopkins, now include alternative courses in their curriculum. 

There is now a university outside Seattle, Washington called Bastyr University which exclusively offers four-year and higher-degree programs in natural medicine.  In the Philippines, UE’s Ramon Magsaysay Medical Center started last year a two-year masteral degree program in alternative medicine. 

Since the Philippines tends to follow US trends, perhaps our medical schools will sooner or later also start including alternative courses in their curriculum.  It is a consummation devoutly to be wished for the good of our people.

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