One major reason I had been passionate with natural cures is the way my late parents were mishandled by western medecine practitioners and the problems that ensued as well as  too much dependence on drugs to supposedly cure diabetes, hypertension and the like.

My mother was very strong prior to her succeeding hospitalization due to some diabetes induced problem.  Mishandling made her weak. I learned she underwent unecessary surgery which caused her demise.
I will never forget this and would not like this to happen to anyone again.

I will be posting information on the natural cure for diabetes in parts for it is long. I learned this during the last conference on Power of Natural Healing which I attended last month.  The information on this was shared by Jaime E. Dy-Liaco, trustee of the Philippine College for the Advancement in Medecine and Former Director General, of the Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Health Care, Dept of Health.

Diabetes is due to a deficiency of five (5) minerals, and to eating habits that load the body with too much simple sugars, wearing down the insulin-producing beta cells of the pacreas and weakening the potency of the insulin they produce.

So to reverse Type II or adult-onset diabetes naturally, correct the mineral deficiency with 5 food supplements, regenerate the beta cells in the pacreas producing insulin with a 6th supplement, correct eating habits, and do regular exercise. Here’s how:

CORRECTING THE MINERAL DEFICIENCY with these 5 food supplements:
1.  Vanadyl Sulfate, 50 mg capsules – Take 50 mg or 1 capsule after every mel.  So, it’s totally 3 capsules or 150mg daily.

2.  Copper, 2mg capsules – Take 1 capsule after every meal. So it’s 6 mg or 3 capsules daily.

3.  Zinc/Copper 50mg/2mg capsules – Take 1 capsule after every meal, so it’s 150 mg of zinc and 6mg of copper, or 3 capsules daily.

4.  Manganese, 30mg capsules – Take 30 mg or 1 capsule after every meal. So it’s 90 mg or 3 capsules daily.

5.  Chromium Picolinate, 500 mcg capsules – Take 1000 mcg or 2 capsules after every meal, so it’s 3000 mcg or 6 capsules daily.

Important:  Items 2-5 must be taken together. If one is missing, the others won’t work.


6.Gymnema Sylvestre, 300 mg capsules – Take 300 mg or 1 capsule 15 minutes before each meal. So totally it is 900 mg or 3 capsules daily.

to be continued….

Originally written Dec. 7, 2007

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