The Power of Natural Healing Conferenc 2007

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Right after I arrived from the US, I learned that The Philippine College for Advancement in Medecine (PCAM) will have its annual conference the following week.

Prior to my US trip I attended the Annual Wellness Summit in Sofitel (formerly Westin Hotel)  organized by Spa Asia magazine, an international event but I never learned as much in the field of wellness as my two week seminar and workshop organized locally.
Many presentations proved an eye-opener such as the following:

a. Fuda Cancer Hospital of Guanzhou – This hospital specializes in a less invasive approach to  curing cancer.  They call this Green Therapy and is a combination of various approaches such as Cryo Surgery, Genes Therapy among others. In one method Tumors are ‘frozen’ so they can be released in the body naturally.  One of their patients who was recently cured gave her testimony and apparently I personally knew her. She works in one of the most famous local broadcast network.  She refused to undergo breast surgery so she proceeded to the Fuda hospital and she never regretted it.

b. Hyperbaric Oxygen in the management of Stroke – Dr. Jose Bernardo discussed how using the hyperbaric oxygen chamber can have a stroke victim fully recover in an affordable manner.
c. Alternative Program for Kidney Disease – Dr. Sam Dizon discusses how herbs and other natural methods can wean away a patient from dialysis.
d. Internal Tumox Protocol – Kelly Raber discussed another way to cure cancer naturally by taking a set of capsules one of which is called Blood root.  Let me quote from his presentation:

Enzymes systemically kill cancer. Bloodroot destroys cancer cells internally and externally. Vitamin Q10 rebuilds the immune system and promotes anti-cancer killer T cells (i.e., cytokine production and the release of cytolytic/cell killing molecules). Adenosine 5triphosphate Salt (oral version of ATP) increases blood flow and stops wasting and cachexia. Minerals reverse deficiencies presented by the patient’s system. Regardless of health, everyone's body produces cancer cells. It is not possible for every cell to be perfect during a personâ's lifetime. In a healthy person, enzymes from the pancreas are distributed throughout the body to eliminate the imperfect cells known as cancer. However, as aging, injuries, malnutrition and illnesses create added stress on the body, the body does not produce sufficient pancreatic enzymes to help break down and eliminate all cancer cells. Enzyme supplementation is essential to halting the production of cancer.

Originally written Dec 3, 2007

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