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Since  I signed up to attend a detox weekend at the Discovery Suites (organized by the Wellness Institute)  in Ortigas I decided to book a day ahead of the schedule  since the hotel  was far from my home and I wanted to try out their spa.

I went to the hotel website to check out any spa service, unfortunately there was no mention of such facility so I had to call and ask.  They connected me to the office of Terra Wellness in the hotel and I requested them to email me their treatment packages. Lo and behold the one who replied said they don’t have any email and if they could just send it via fax.

In this day and age, no website and no email! A spa supposedly in the heart of the business district located in a suite hotel? I sounded upset so they called the manager who was supposedly in a better way to decide and she said they will email it asap so I can make my reservation.

I took hours and a few more phone follow ups before I got it.  Apparently they had to call their “IT” person who was supposed to type the packages but what I got was a jpeg file of a scanned document which had a huge resolution so took some time to download. By the way, it was just a one page thing and all text.

Now let me get back to my spa experience.  Despite the fact that I experienced the worst service in a supposedly luxury hotel, the treatment compensated my frustation.

Before I was led to the treatment room, I was made to sit at the waiting area  so they can remove my shoes, provide slippers and do a foot bath.

I chose a detox wrap and massage.  The aroma oils used were certified organic from Australia. The therapist assigned to me was really good and as I ended late at night, I felt very much relaxed after the whole week’s stressful activities including the one caused by the hotels poor service.

originally written March 31, 2007

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