My on and off asthma had been bothering me since end of last year. My allergologist would give me the usual steroids and puffs which I really don’t like to take for long periods knowing it may affect my heart in the long term.  Last February, I went to honkong with some friends for some business and we all made a side trip to Macao. As I no longer have any intentions to do the usual shopping, I instead preferred to look at the chinese pharmacies. I asked around for some herbal medication for asthma. I was not convinced with some of the recommendations till I reached this last shop.

I bought this herbal cough tonic similar to the famous Pei Pak Wa but the difference was the new one had snake bile in it. I got two boxes. However, one of the salesperson was recommending something they said was a lot effective but they had difficulty explaining this as all the explanations on the box was in chinese. They asked me to go way inside the shop and called the Pharma director to explain the medication in english. The director told me her asthma was cured instantly from taking this.

The capsules were kinda pricey but I decided to buy one. When I opened the box, apparently there was some english explanation and only then did I know that the english scientific name of the capsule was Penta Cordyceps Sinenis.  Apparently it is made from some wild mushrooms grown organically in the heart of china.

I began taking a capsule a day. When i got back in Manila after two days, I was suprised that my coughing was gone.That was around end Feb and till now I never had to use my inhaler or take any other medecine much less steroids.  I am really impressed so far. I tried to check the internet to know more about this but most of such products sold were supplements from the US.  I can’t find the literature now but from what I recall, even cancer patients benefit from this wild mushroom concoction.

Originally written March 30, 2007

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