Natural Cure for Hypertension Part 2

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What kind of water should you drink? Mineral water, not distilled or reverse osmosis water, both of which have no minerals and will strip your body of minerals, because water has a natural affinity for minerals, and if it has none, will draw minerals from wherever it can. Other liquids, like tea, coffee, milk, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, will drain your body of an equal amount of water. So if you drink these other liquids, compensate by adding an ewual amount of water to the 15 glasses needed.

What about salt? Doctors say cut down on salt because you will have water retnetion. But the reverse is true. l If you don’t have enough salt, you will not have water retention. You’ll just keep urinating and seating out the water you’re drinking. You will still be dehydrated even if you drink 15 glasses of water a day.

Take rock salt, not table-refined iodized salt which is fake salt. It has only 3 synthetic chemicals, sodium, chloride, and iodine. It will not melt in water, it will not melt in your body and will cause BP to rise, and kidney stones to form because it will not melt in the kidneys.
But rock salt is true natural salt from the sea. It has 80 minerals including sodium, choloride, and iodine in their natural forms which the fake salt does not have.

It will melt in water, it will melt in your body, it will bring down blood pressure, prevent kidney stones, and prevent muscle cramps, numbness, tingling. It nourishes the nervous system. If you get painful cramps in the lower legs at night, just take 1/2 teaspoon of rocks salt with a glass of water, and the cramps and pain will be gone in 5 minutes. Same thing with numbness and tingling.

What about potassium? If you are deficient in potassium, your BP will spike up even if you are not dehydrated because potassium works with salt to control the body’s water balance. Uncooked ripe saba is richest in potassium among the bananas. One saba is equal in potassium to 3 latondans, or to 6 lakatans.

There are 3 other causes of high blood pressure, and all of them have natural remedies. The three are atherosclerosis or narrowing of the arterial channels due to blockages with fatty deposits, calcified plaques, and/or inflammation of the arterial walls.
But it may save your life to remember, that the FIRST AID for High Blood Pressure is as simple as:

* taking 1/2 teaspoon of rock salt,
* eating 1 uncooked ripe Saba, and
* drinking 3 glasses of mineral water

To keep your BP normal for the rest of the day, repeat this every 3 hours 5x during the day.

Originally written January 2, 2009

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