Chlorophyll for detox?

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I had been hearing about the benefits of chlorophyll from some people. When I went to Healthy Options in makati earlier to buy Tea Tree Oil, I noticed three types of Cholorophyll being sold – one was in liquid form and two capsulized. I decided to buy the small bottle of capsule and the liquid one since I presumed the latter could be easily absorbed in the body.  I had to buy the capsule type since upon computation, one tbsp daily, the bottle will last me only for 15 days!
I asked the sales person what it is for and she mentioned colon cleanse and odor remover among some of them. Since I finished my two containers of Fiber source, I decided to get this cholorophyll to try.

Upon checking the internet, the most common benefits dervied from liquid cholorophyll are:
  1. natural healer and cleanser for chronic conditions internally and externally
  2. stops growth and development of toxic bacteria
  3. counteracts toxins
  4. accelerates tissue cell activity and normal regrowth of cells which helps the body heal faster
  5. inhibits the metabolic action of carcinogens
  6. helps purify the liver and eliminate drug deposits, old toxic material, chemical spray on food, artificial flavoring, colors and other coal tar products that may become stored in it
  7. deodorizes the bowel and entire body; is a natural antiseptic to the intestinal tract
  8. helps to keep colon healthy
Now we will see its effect on me after a month. I tried one tbsp a while ago.  I still feel fine. Am just wary of some allergies so I don’t like to buy in large quantities till I have tried it.

Originally written April 3, 2007

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