A Detox Weekend

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Dale, the holistic nutritionist of the Wellness Institute (and son of the owner) kept convincing me to avail their Gall Bladder Flush. He actually gave me some discount before but I didnt have much time to go overnight in their clinic and besides I was deciding whether to follow the diagnosis of Dr. Kristine (after my live blood analysis) on doing the colon cleanse first, then gall bladder then kidney flush.
However, he and Jeannie came up with an interesting weekend package to be held at Discovery Suites which included a couple of speakers to talk on both mind and body wellness as well as proper nutrition.  Besides, the comfort of doing detox in a hotel sounded too good to miss.

Off I went to check in the night before D day as we were told that we have to start 8am sharp. After registration we were given some fruits and juices for breakfast while listening to several talks from the organizers, Dr. Kristine Gonzales, a priest who shared some interesting thoughts on religion and wellness, and I specially enjoyed the breathing excercises taught by Dr. Nim Gonzales.  Lunch was a light organic vegetable and fruit meal and we were told to drink as much of the apple and carrot juice as we can for by 2pm, all solid and liquid intake stops including water.
We were all weighed and blood pressure reading was taken.

At the strike of 2pm, we were all given the first conconction to take, an epsom salt mixture of sorts so a bit on the bitter side.  We all made a toast before drinking it all at the same time bottoms up!
We all then retreated to our respective rooms and instructed to just rest in bed and wait for the next drink to be delivered in our place at 6pm.  I then went online, checked my mails and napped a bit.  After four  hours, I heard a knock and another similar epsom salt drink was brought to the room and this time with a tiny apple chaser just to remove the bitter after taste.
I tried so hard to focus on the tv or internet so I wont be tempted to drink water. I love drinking water at times you see. By 10pm or so, the last drink for the day arrived. This time it was better tasting as it contained some grapefruit juice and I tasted a bit of olive oil.  I was told to drink it while standing since it helps to bring out the stones from the gall bladder.
At the start of the morning session, we were all given a plastic strainer  and ‘tabo’. We were instructed to put the strainer on the toilet bowl sunday morning after the morning drink.  By that time, our bowels would have been cleansed and only the stones from the bladder and liver will come out. 

I did as told sunday morning. I checked the shapes and colors of whatever came out and by close to 11am we all gathered in Dale’s room to finally drink the much awaited carrot and apple juice drink.  Everyone compared notes on the shape, size and colors of the stones.  Some had large ones, tiny ones, black, yellowish, greenish. Most of mine were tiny greenish mongo like seeds.  Maybe it helped that a week before I did a colon cleanse by taking some fiber drink prior to each meal.

One of the participants cancelled her gall bladder operation that weekend since she heard about this session. They were supposed to take out her gall bladder but lucky for her the big stone just came out after the flush without any invasive surgery involved.  Another no longer had her gall bladder but so much bile came out from her liver. It means without that detox her liver who have suffered more.

 Everyone lost an average of 6-8 lbs during that overnight flush. By noontime we were all gathered in the hotel restaurant once again to partake of specially prepared healthy gourmet meal and have our ‘graduation’.

Hmm if only food would be this good yet healthy at home I would never eat out :) Of course the chef would never share his recipe.
All our faces were surely glowing after removing so much toxins in our system. The following day I went straight to asian hospital for my long delayed tests. I thanked the Lord that after four years of refusing any surgery or synthetic theraphy, my new OB said I no longer have any cyst in my ovaries!
Originally written April 3, 2007

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