1.  Fresh Vegetables. Eat 3x a day 1 cup of raw saluyot leaves, or camote leaf tops (talbos ng kamote) either dark green or purple in color, or kangkong (swamp cabbage), or spinach leaves, or sea grapes (lato) as a salad every meal.

These raw dark green vegetables are rich in vanadium, copper, zinc, manganese, chromiumand will lower your blood sugar.  You may blanch these vegetables, or juice them, but do not cook them.  Anything cooked beyond 40 degrees centigrade loses all enzymes, vitamins, and the organic minerals become inorganic which the body cannot absorb.

2. Garlic.   Eat 3 large cloves of crushed raw garlic with every meal.  It has to be crushed or chewed thoroughly to release the active ingredients, allicin and alliin.  Besides being anti-viral and anti-bacterial, garlic lowers blood sugar levels.  If you cannot take raw garlic, take garlic pills;  either 1 pill of Garlinase 2000 (from Healthy Options), or 2 tablets of Kyolic Garlic (from GNC), get the one that’s all garlic, no mixtures) after every meal.

3.  Water  Take a minimum of 10 8-oz glasses of non-chlorinated, mineral water every day to keep your body’s water level at the 75% that the body neeeds to metabolize properly.  If you let it drop below 75%, you are dehydrated.  All your vital organs, your cells, your tissues, your blood (75% water), your brain (85%) water) will be dehydrated.  Your immune system drops when your water level drops below 75%, and you become vulnerable to infections.  No medication that you take will work if your body is dehydrated.

One simple way to check if your water level is at 75% is to look at the color of your urine every time you urinate. If it is yellow, you are dehydrated.  Drink a glass of water right away.  Your objective must be to make the color of your urine as clear as water.
Water is a natural diuretic.  Taking 10 or more glasses a day will strip your body of salt.  So take 1/2 teaspoon of salt or put a pinch of salt on your tongue everytime you drink water when you’re taking 10 or more glasses a day.  Use natural salt from the sea (rock salt), not refined table salt which is synthetic.

If you cannot avoid using tap water, which is chlorinated, let the water sit for half an hour, without a cover, to evaporate the chlorine.   Do not take distilled water.  It strips the body of minerals. Take mineral water.

4.  Foods and drinks to avoid.  All processed foods (canned goods, foods made with white refined flour such as pan de sal, white bread, noodles, etc, white refined sugar, confectionary, margarine, any food that comes in a box or package made by a manufacturer and sold in stores, junk food, dairy products (milk, cheese except cottage cheese), red meats, soft drinks, coffee, alcoholic drinks.
For frying, use only extra virgin, cold=pressed olive oil or coconut oil.  All other oils are not heart-healthy (the polyunsaturated oils) and some are even conducive to cancer.  Fresh fruits in moderation are OK, they are complex sugars.

Fish, chicken, and turkey without the skin are OK.  Proteins from plants, like beans, are incomplete and not only usable by the body.  To make them complete, eat them with grains, like brown rice. It’s delicious mixed with sticky red rice (red malagkit).  Mix 1 cup brown with 1 tbsp red.  Avoid white rice.  It’s a simple sugar.

5.  Sweeteners Use raw honey.  or muscovado sugar.  To sweeten cereal, use fruits like sliced raw bananas.  Do not use synthetic sweeteners like aspertame (equal or nutrasweet). They aggravate diabetes and can cause brain tumors.  Avoid diet softdrinks with Nutrasweet.  A natural sweetener that’s acceptable is Stevia. If local health food stores don’t have it, order it rom the US.

6.  Flax Seed  Eat 1/4 cup of ground raw flax seed daily.  Sprinkle it on food or mix it with fruit juice or water.  Raw flax seed is available at Healthy Options, either ground or as whole seeds.  Do not buy the ground seed.  It oxidizes once the package is opened. Get the whole seeds.  Grind 1/4 cup in a small coffee grinder for 10 seconds, only when you are about to eat it because it oxidizes in 15 minutes after grinding.  You can eat kesong puti with it.  The two make a healthy combination.

to be continued…..

Source: Jaime E. Dy-Liaco, trustee of the Philippine College for the Advancement in Medecine and Former Director General, of the Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Health Care, Dept of Health.

Originally written Dec. 10, 2007

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