The Pen spa by ESPA (Hongkong)

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The best spa treatment and facility I have experienced so far is at the Peninsula Hongkong.  The package I availed was a full day detox treatment.  I have this penchant for detox packages since obviously I know I have much toxins in my system.
I actually won this treat during the 2nd Spa Crystal awards held at Hua Hin but when I was trying to book last Oct 2006 the place was full. Fortunately I had another chance to visit Honkong early this year.

Since I got delayed going to the hotel and I was really groggy from the trip (I hardly slept having to wake up at 5am), I was not able to use the gym but was accompanied straight to the Spa area to fill up some diagnostic form and change to my robe for a foot bath after which I was led to the pool dining area for my late lunch which came with the package. The pool area and surrounding looks just like the one in Hotel Nassauer Hof in Wiesbaden, Germany last October but this seem to be better.

The great thing about the place is the breathtaking view of the harbor while swimming and dining.

It was like a deja vu as the color and design of furniture was the same as that in Hotel Nassauer hof. The only difference is that the one in germany didnt have the view of the harbor.

The first part of the gourmet lunch was tomato soup followed by the main meal, sea bass with  lentils and finally a sugar free, fruity  chocolate cake to cap this.  I was made to choose the type of tea to help melt down the food and I chose the relaxing chamomile blend.

After my therapist took discussed my treatment, and the facilities I can use inside this Private Suite, I had my photo taken against the jacuzzi and harbor scene.
Showered, took a steam bath for a few minutes before I plunged to the jacuzzi.
The cabinet was filled with various creams and scents I had to choose from before I was told what it really was. The therapist said it was what my body was partial too. Most of those I chose was on the rose scent side.
Ended very late at past 9pm. It was full detox so tiring too from a basic massage, to a seeweed wrap then hot lava stones and a final detox massage. Got so hungry after that I had to order some dinner when I got back to the room.

Originally written April 7, 2007

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