1 Constipation The healthy bowel movement (BM) frequency is a 3x a day or as often as you eat a major meal. The healthy texture is soft, like soft peanut butter or even loose, like sawdust with a little water.  So it’s all over in one minute, no need to strain, and no need to read a newspaper or magazine.

Blood circulates every 3.5 minutes, and if you keep fecal waste inside you for 24 hours (only 1 BM a day) or longer, the blood will pick up the toxins and parasites and distribute them every where, to your pancreas, all the vital organs all your cells.

If you are already moving 3x a day, do not take diatabs or immodium or lomotil to bring it down to 1. LBM is not bad. What is bad is diarrhea, which is all liquid, no substance. If you get diarrhea, take 3 cloves of crushed raw garlic with every meal; that will kill the bacteria causing the diarrhea. Or use the Mayco Bio-Zapper, which will kill the bacteria by zapping it with low voltage electricity (12-18 volts, not enough to kill a cockroach, but enough to kill all bacteria, viruses, worms, and other parasites).

The Mayco Bio-Zapper was invented by Fr. Howard May, an American missionary living in Quezon City who supplies his missionaries in the mountain provinces and Mindanao with the zapper to heal their parishioners, who are too poor to afford pharamaceutical durgs, of all kinds of ailments caused by bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

How do you get 3 BMs a day?

a. Avoid dehydration, that makes you constipated
b. Eat a cup of raw saluyot leaves as a salad 3x a day to start your every meal
c. Take 3 tbsps of extra virgin cold-pressed Coconut Oil after every dinner
d. If all this failes, take Dr. Richard Schulze’s Intestinal Formula No. 1. Take 1 capsule with a glass of water after dinner. If 3 BMs do not result the next day, keep adding 1 capsule to every dinner until 3 BMs result. Then maintain that dosage.
Keep your blood clean, not filthy. Do not be a walking septic tank. Have 3 bowel movements a day.

2. Detoxification. Follow Dr. Schulze’s Incurables Program to detoxify the body thoroughly. It will unclog and cleanse the intestinal tract, the liver, gall bladder, the kidneys, and the bladder, removing old dried up fecal matter, heavy metals like mercury, lead, drug residues, parasites, the rotting food and feal waste trapped in loops of the colon (diverticulosis), polyps in the colon, and gallstones and kidney stones. The 3 BMs a day is the start of the program.
The first thorough detoxification process takes 3 months.

Month 1 – get 3 BMs a day
Month 2 – remove the old dried up fecal wastes, rmove the heavy metals, polyps, diverticulosis
Month 3- Clean up the liver, gall bladder, kidneys, and bladder

3. A basic high potency multi-vitamin/mineral supplement. Do not take Centrum. It is synthetic. Get a natural multi-vitamin/mineral complex from health food stores. What is best is Dr. Schulze’s Superfood nutritional drink. All the ingredients are food, not chemicals. It gives you 2-5 times the vitamins and minerals you get from regular food. As a liquid, it is in your blood stream and already nourishing all your cells within 15 minutes of drinking it.

4. Clear the arteries of blockages. Super Phos 30 will dissolve the calcified plaques with 90 drops a day mixed with fruit juice, or with SuperFood drink. Rinse the mouth well or brush teeth immediately after taking Superphos 30, because it can strip the calcium from teeth if allowed to stay too long in the mouth.

Pacreatic lipase enzymes will dissolve the fat blockages. Natural Vitamin E will remove inflammation of arterial walls that narrow the channels. Your blood will be free-flowing, delivering oxygen and nourishment to all cells.

For Pancreatic enzymes, take the raw pancreas or Dan Raber’s CardioClean lipase enzymes, 2 capsules with every meal and 1 with every snack. This will dissolve fat blockages and help digest the fats you eat, lightening the burden on your pancreas.

For natural Vitamin E, take 1,000 to 1,200 IU’s after breakfast daily. The bottle label will say d-alpha etc. if it is natural, and dl-alpha etc if it is synthetic. The synthetic will not work.

5. Prevent future blockages. High cholesterol and/or high homocysteine cause the calcified plaques, high triglycerides the fatty deposits, and a Vitamin E deficiency the inflammation. Have blood tests taken for cholesterol, triglycerdies, homocysteine, and C-Reactive Protein (CRP). If the CRP is positive, there is inflammation of the arteries, if negative, none.

Normalize high cholesterol with Flush-Free Niacin (Vitamin B-3, the non-flush type), 1000 mg after every meal, high homocysteine with 2 capsules a day (1-0-1 after meals) of the Homocysteine Formula (which corrects the Vitamin B-6, B-12, folate, and trimethyl glycine deficiencies that cause homocysteine to rise), high triglycerides with 2 capsules a day (1-01 after meals) of 20 mg Policosanol ( food supplement extract from sugarcane), and inflammation with 1,000 or 1,200 IU’s of Vitamin E daily after breakfast.

Source: Jaime E. Dy-Liaco, trustee of the Philippine College for the Advancement in Medecine and Former Director General, of the Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Health Care, Dept of Health.

Originally written Jan 30, 2008

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