Lymphatic Drainage Treatment at Wellness Institute

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I first heard of the Wellness Institute from my college schoolmate Gerry.  He has known that I had been studying the health and wellness industry for years.  I distinctly remember that it was Thanksgiving Day, Nov 25, when I first stepped inside the place. There were lots of people and there seemed to be a party then.

I learned later that true enough since the ownders were filipino naturopaths originally based in the US, they preferred celebrating this american tradition.  I went back a week later to avail of the lymphatic drainage treatment since I was told this will get rid of toxins.

Two therapists were assigned to me. The treatment was a combination of a machine and hand massage.  I was informed that the massage device is made of jade. Seaweed algae was rubbed all over my body then the machine and hands alternately kneaded my limbs and lymph nodes.

I had to drink some fresh juice made of fruits and vegetables after the massage and proceeded to shower. I then moved to a different room and this time I had to lie down in a bed warmed with jade stones. A tent was put over me with a sauna effect since some eucalyptus scented steam circulated around the area.

After around 15 minutes, I was made to drink a fruit and vegetable juice once again plus lots of tepid water. Cold water is not encouraged.  After a few minutes of rest, I once again took a quick shower. Finally, I was led to another room for a much relaxing aromatheraphy massage.

I was informed to drink at least 13 glasses of water daily in order to hasten the release of toxins in my body and to expect softer stools for a week to ten days but this will not mean diarrhea but toxic matter being released.

True enough for a week or so much toxins came out hastened by drinking lots  and lots of water which I really love to do. I felt lighter and my skin had a more healthy glow.

Originally written April 1, 2007

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