Human Growth Hormones on CNN

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I was just watching CNN TV and chanced upon the report of Dr. Sanjay Gupta on Human Growth Hormones (HGH). IT got me interested as I am currently taking Formor’s HGH in powder form . I had my blood analyzed at the Wellness Center in Alabang Town Center and I was recommended some of their natural products such as one for colon cleanse, Sodium ascorbate and HGH.  After my colon cleanse, I took the cardio stuff and HGH not for its anti aging properties but more for weight management.

He mentioned that this was not approved by proper bodies in the US as medication but upon checking the internet one can see lots of doctors prescribing this. An american doctor was interviewed saying it does no good and in fact may contribute to some diseases.
However, another couple were interviewed, injecting the HGH daily and they swear to high heavens that it improved their life.
As to the effect in my case, I still can’t tell.  Perhaps I am taking a lot of natural supplements at the same time so I can’t tell which one actually helps. 
Originally written April 14, 2007

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