My introduction to the world of wellness

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Almost four years ago, my high school buddy , a medical doctor based in the US discussed with me the bright future  of the health and wellness industry globally. We spent hours on the internet sharing new information, reports and trends. She and I started attending conferences and trade shows, I in Asia, she in the US and very recently we both attended one in Europe.

Besides the promising future in terms of investments, we both realized that perhaps we were destined to follow this path.  1999 was a crucial year for both of us – she got ill and unfortunately can no longer practice. My father  had an attack while travelling in europe.  In 2001 my mom passed away, In May 2005,  my dad suddenly passed away. December of the same year,  Susan’s dad passed away too. We both realized that perhaps with the current knowledge we have specially on alternative medecine things would have been different.

originally written: March 20, 2007

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