Last month,  since I had an appointment in Marikina I went in to see Jaime Dy-Liacco in his residence, finally!
I live in paranaque down south so up north is quite far.  However I see him when I attend seminars of PCAM and that is where I usually request him to check on me.  I know for a fact that he has a long list of clients, counting months in his appointment book so I actually just took my chance.

I get my supply of minerals from him for my diabetes via a messenger so this time I wanted to be the one to get it myself and see if the good healer can check on me.

I sent him a my handwritten list of ailments as his assistant requested some months back.  He read it and did a muscle test.  He said my sugar is way up at 240!  I was not able to monitor my sugar for two weeks.  I ran out of funds to buy the test strips.

He then told me to take these:

His helper brought me 3 pcs of red pepper, one raw saging na saba, rock salt and three glasses of water (mineral) to bring my sugar down.

Oh boy the pepper was really hot!  I had to take salt for every three glasses of water so as not to dehydrate me (otherwise I will just urinate all of them).  The banana will provide potassium which one loses each time he or she urinates.

I had to get two more glasses of water in the kitchen as my tongue was on ‘fire’.  The doctor told me not to worry,  my tongue wont feel the scorching heat in five mins.

After around 15 mins, he muscle tested me again and my sugar went down to 78!

I also told him I used to take the raw pig pancreas to bring down my sugar but noticed I got dizzy so stopped it.  He muscle tested me again and said I got dizzy not because of the pancreas but because I was dehydrated and my blood pressure was low.  High blood pressure will make your head ache but low blood pressure may make you dizzy.  He warned me about dehydration and to make sure I take 15 glasses of  mineral water a day with rock salt.

I never had to take any insulin or prescription drugs for diabetes.  I was able to control my sugar except during my recent stressful period.  I just needed to share this knowledge hoping it will help other diabetics who are still hooked on prescription drugs.

Originally written June 30, 2009

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